Alaska Jet Ski Tours Customer Reviews

May 24, 2021

"Epic!!!! Do it!! Tour guides were super friendly. Views unbelievable! Saw tons of wildlife. Only my face was cold but stayed warm in general. Pack wool socks and your feet will stay warm. If you’re a passenger not a driver, make sure you can hang on like riding a bucking bronco for 4 hours lol. Don’t think twice...book the ride!"
May 19, 2021

"Amazing jet ski adventure. Shipwrecks and Seals, Thunderous Calving Glaciers, Dozens of Waterfalls, Tens of thousands of seagulls, Bears, Mountain Goats...The staff was equally amazed."
May 15, 2021

"I’m speechless by both the beauty of the nature you can experience (only one this set up), AND speechless at the nice and fun environment the guide (Mark) created even when we were all different people and backgrounds in the group he was such a treat as a guide: Informative, fun, safe, but mostly caring and sweet. I’d give the tour a 10 out of 5 if it was possible."
March 16, 2021

"I took the jet ski tour and it was literally the coolest experience I've ever had. Easily the highlight of my trip. I went alone and was slightly worried I'd be left out a bit but I ended up in a group with only one other person. Even though there were only two of us we still had two guides (plus an extra trainee, so basically three). The guides were absolutely incredible and customized the trip some for us. We were able to move a bit quicker and spend more time at the sites but they were willing to slow it down if we needed. They kept their distance enough that I didn't feel like they were hovering but were still close enough to quickly help if something happened. I had never ridden a jet ski before but it was incredibly easy to pick up and the guides did a good job of showing me the ropes. It only took a few minutes to be completely comfortable. The jet skis were extremely stable and I never felt at risk of flipping. We were able to get up close to a few glaciers and saw some seals. At the end we stopped in a bay where we could play around on the jet skis, which was a blast. The guides said the water was unusually calm so we were able to open up the throttle on the way back and hit a ferry wake - small waves but still an added fun time. The guides took a ton of pictures and provided them for free, which is pretty unheard of for these types of tours. Do this instead of a glacier cruise. Seriously. Highly, highly recommended. The tour isn't cheap but it was worth every penny. Midlife crisis averted briefly but now I want a jet ski..."
March 14, 2021

Icing on the cake!

"I finally got to take a friend on this trip that I did solo before and we had SO MUCH FUN!! Recommend to anyone and everyone who is capable of going! Beautiful, exhilarating and a must do in Alaska!"
Alaska Jet Ski Tours